Hawaii 2009

Friday, October 15, 2010

Diving in the Northwest

I can find stuff in the water with Side Scan Sonar and cut down the diving time it takes to search an area of the bottom.

Side Scan Sonar of log with buoy sunk below surface of Columbia river by incoming tide.
Notice the mirror image of the log. The split screen shows the regular depth sounding on the left and Side Scan on the right. Top of screen shows is where the boat is. The dark blue is the water column with the log in white on both sides showing that it is directly below the boat path.

The above  picture is a side scan sonar image of a speed boat on the bottom of the Columbia River

The above picture is a right hand side scan sonar image of a steel piling the boat passed over about 6o feet behind us, and a 40 foot long railroad car tank just off to our right about 15 foot and 15 feet back.

This is a side scan image of a tug boat on the bottom of the Columbia River. Find the location of it on Google Earth by using the longitude and latitude readings in the left side.


Salvage Work
Watch the movie.
Check out this flat, fat bottom tug boat, that was upside down on the bottom of the Columbia River. It was raised upside down. They painted the bottom, and then sunk it again, turning it back upright at the same time, to be raised later.